First Approach Representatives: Direct Sales, Lead Generation


Lead Management - FAR is equipped to produce and follow up to every lead. We will keep your sales team's pipeline full as we actively keep track of near-term revenue opportunities, and groom low value or long-term leads.

Coverage of Secondary and Special Markets - We minimize direct sales costs normally associated with coverage of secondary markets. Outsourcing to FAR fills the gaps, pulling in incremental sales and satisfying accounts that demand sales support. The net result allows for internal sales teams to be more productive.

Market Research and Database Management - We are experts in collecting information on vertical markets. FAR rigorously maintains data and tools needed to continue to serve these markets.

Event Management - FAR can help our clients avoid the disruption of sales activities normally associated with Trade Shows. We can fully manage the activity to deliver the maximum potential.

Direct Sales - Engaging FAR in the primary sales responsibility can benefit in a tight economy. When the market demands a direct presence, FAR can deliver a complete sales solution quickly. This is especially good for companies that want to achieve results while avoiding the costs, risks and delays of building their staff in-house.

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